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Antivirus Support

You never know when a virus can attack on your PC and start eating it. The only way to save your PC is to stay updated with best antivirus software. Win Technical Dept. understands 'what you need' and provides a complete antivirus support package. Under our antivirus support, we help you in detecting and detect and removing all spyware and viruses from your computer, optimization of firewall, and schedule automated virus, spyware, and aware scans. Our extensive antivirus removal support includes a service that integrates installation of best antivirus support on your PC, scanning and removal of all the viruses which are currently in your PC.

Firewall Support

Net surfing is beneficial but at the same time it is problematic too. There are many malware and viruses that makes entry in your PC due to internet; thus, leading the PC towards many allied issues. Firewall support is the aid that helps you prevented at such crucial moments. The prime purpose of a firewall software application is taking control of access to or from computer-related security problems. Firewall is a software program, hardware devices, or a combination of both, which keeps watch on the information coming or going via net to or from your PC. Also known as security wall, Firewall can access control of only those data, for which you have requested.

Web Browser Support

Browser is our only way out to roam in the vast world of WWW. Since, every man-made application interleaves the possibility of improvement as well as failure and browsers are no exception. Some of the most common browsers such as, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Chrome etc., encounters problem while connecting to the internet. Almost every browser comes equipped with a toolbar. Nonetheless, these toolbars make the browser more functional but they consume a big part of memory space, which leads to added complex errors and page slip-ups. Are you bothered by such critical issues which in turn hamper your day to day work? Want to make your net surfing free of anomaly. Well then you have landed at the right place.


Virtual assistance is your very own personal assistant service. We take all those tasks off your hands that you don't particularly enjoy or need to do yourself. We help you save time and become more productive. Our services are always available at your beck and call. Our aim is to make your life that much easier. Whether you need assistance with your personal tasks or for your business, we are always there to help you. Our Virtual Assistant service is designed to add value to your life by taking care of all your obnoxious tasks and making you more productive. We function as your very own 24/7 personal assistant. Members may submit task requests to us at any time.

Malware removal, system optimization, privacy protection, network set up, registry error and much more.

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Welcome to Win Technical Department We are an independent company who provided technical support and services to both windows and mac based computers worldwide. What is the common thing that drives Google, Yahoo, MSN and YouTube? You got it right - internet users across the globe. Let us face facts. We live in an age where the power and reach of the Internet is absolutely undoubted. Think about it. The Internet drives education, entertainment, technology, research... the list goes on. It brings different industries to life. We as a part of the fast changing world of computer technology and internet help you to stay updated and one step ahead of others through our unique offerings ranging from Virtual Assistance, Web Bases Marketing, Remote Computer Support to Customized Software for all your personal and business requirements.


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Antivirus Support

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